Yes Sir! Madame...

A film by Robert Morin

Coop Membres: Lorraine Dufour


Drama, 16mm and video, colour, 75 mins., 1994, Québec, Canada, OFV with English subtitles

Born in Acadia of a francophone father and an anglophone mother, Earl Tremblay is going through an uncharacteristically Canadian identity crisis. Resolved to resolve it, he shoots the 19 rolls of film his filmmaker mother left him. His goal: to record his daily life, and try to find the same meaning in French and in English. As the reels get shot over the course of a journey that leads him from the Maritimes to Montréal, then to Ottawa as an MP, Tremblay watches his personality split and finally separate irrevocably.


Featuring : Robert Morin, Bernard Émond

Production designer : André-Line Beauparlant
Editor and sound editor : Robert Morin

Written and directed by : Robert Morin

Producers : Robert Morin, Lorraine Dufour
Production : Coop Vidéo de Montréal
Distributor : Vidéographe
Europe DVD distributor : Harmattan Vidéo



Golden Tail Grand Prize
Split International Festival of New Film and Video (Croatie)


Grand Prix de la ville de Genève
Rencontre internationale de la vidéo (Suisse)

Best Video
Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois
(Montréal, Canada)

Festivals and Events

2008 - 4e édition du festival International du Film Indépendant de Lille, France
2007 - Exposition Aventure cinéma, Musée de la civilisation de Québec (Canada)
2007 - Exposition Acquérir pour grandir au Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (Canada)
2006 - Festival international du documentaire de Marseille - Rétrospective (France)
2001 - Le faux semblant, Antitube (Québec, Canada)
1995 - Art Metropole (Toronto, Canada)
1995 - Folie Culture (Québec, Canada)
1995 - World Wide Video Festival (Amsterdam, Pays-Bas)
1995 - Video Art Plastique (France)
1996 - Pesaro Film Festival (Italie)
1994 - Festival La Troisième Fenêtre (Montréal, Canada)





Robert Morin